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Quest for Beer

These characters and the world presented here were made up for a couple nights of IRC gaming where we were figuring out how to roleplay over IRC. The participants were each handed information on a character, a description of the world and details on how to make a map of the realms. Some of the maps the players came up with given the description were quite interesting... Anyhow, it was great fun, though also very chaotic, but it later allowed us to have some excellent IRC gaming over the following summer.
    Within, you will find all of the player handouts from this campaign, as well as information about the player-characters. Unfortunately, as we were still learning the IRC software that was used for this game, no transcript of it exists.

Campaign Introduction

The introduction text which began this short one session online game. This provides the background information necessary for the players to start together within the setting.

Campaign Setting and Map

Herein are instructions on how players should make a map of the known world and also tidbits of knowledge which the average citizen of the setting would know. More specific knowledge is included in the character bios.

Dungeon Master Information

Character statistics, saving throws, hit points, and other relavent information that the Dungeon Master will find useful to have at their fingertips. This information is not shared with the players of the game to discourage meta-game thinking and to provide a more free form roleplaying experience.

Player Handout: Kamdan of the Hillfolk

Kamdan is a buff warrior from Dortheran. He is a member of the Hillfolk. He and his brother Zindan have traveled far and near to the boarders of the Disappearing Lands.

Player Handout: Serinda, Sorceress of Aldron

Serinda hails from the southern shores of the realms. As a child, she was a magically gifted progidy. Tutored by gypsies and well traveled, she has become a formidable sorceress.

Player Handout: Thalas of The Forest

Thalas is a forest spirit and friend of Timonas the Brave. Thalas can cast some spells and can make himself appear human. He is protective of nature.

Player Handout: Timonas the Brave

Formerly of Caer Scaron, Timonas is a rangerly man who has traveled deep into The Forest and also along the eastern borders of the Disappearing Lands.

Player Handout: Zindan of the Hillfolk

Zindan is a member of the Hillfolk. He traveles with his brother Kamdan. Zindan is light-fingered and quick-witted. He has a sense of humor despite the terrors he has witnessed while traveling near the borders of the Disappearing Lands.