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Hana, 12898AC

Nightsun 12897AC to Corvere 12898AC, Monsoon Season
The first hints of the awakening of dragonkind begin with the following events. Inika, now fully transformed into a Gold Dragon, chafes at being confined to the Temple of Arden in secret. She engineers her escape, rampages through the halls of the High Temple of Arden and bursts the great dome before flying out and away. Rumors circulate the wharves of Hana that dragon cults are on the rise in the powerful city of Tel-Akbar and the name Ashmalorn is spoken of for the first time in more than four thousand years. Rumors also abound of the appearance of a powerful black dragon called Glothmang, saying that it has taken up residence in the Great Dhal Swamps and now summons and unites the lizard-man tribes there. In the Tenkshystra district of Hana a storm washes ashore the large corpse of a blue serpent monster, disturbing all its own, but more so because it appears to have been bitten in half by something much larger still.
    Meanwhile, the Tsochar continue to plan their nascent powerplay to enslave the city. Under the protection of House Rajaniish the Tsochari creature Ushamah works to spread its agents through-out the Spice Guild in an attempt to secretly invade other merchant prince households. More merchant princes become aware of the threat of "skin-stealing snake-men," but little is done. A string of deaths in the Spice Guild is attributed to interguild warfare between petty subordinates of the guild leaders, jockeying for position over the coming spring produce. The Tsochar establish a new nest on the Isle of Sepras south of the Cult of the Third Moon.
    There, on Hana's Isle of Sepras, the Cult of the Third Moon does not rest. Their deity, Hesdeus, fears the destruction of the last Monolith which holds his not-quite ascended divine spirit; not because its destruction will release the powerful and ancient Saruswathi psions, but because it will mean his oblivion. Hesdeus instructs his cultists through dreams to begin labor upon a new second Monolith, desperate to contain the Holy See even as the last monolith begins to weaken under the psychic assault of the Saruswathi minds imprisoned by it.
    Meanwhile, the Saruswathi exert their awakening powers over the people of Hana's Vofoti district. Groups of six people are seen gathering in Vofoti, standing about in a trance-like state and then wandering about and staring at things. These people do not speak and later do not recall memory of their actions. Headaches from the psychic noise that has begun to permeate Vofoti slowly gets worse and seems to be spreading.
    As the monsoon season draws to a close, terrible storms dump pollution from the harbor and dozens of deaths result from the winds, debris, and flooding.

Kukalmak finishes his studies, assisted by a the alien mind which he contacted through the
Atabin Kotica. With the assistance of the Tome of Ambitions and following a brief consultation with his companions he begins construction of magical monoliths to create his own Holy See like that of Hesdeus. Each of these monoliths take about four months to construct. The first monolith is completed during his research, leaving eight months of construction left to perform before he will complete all three. The adventurers pool their funds and construction begins, each costing the princely sum of roughly 60,000gp in materials.

A rash of disappearances and deaths occur across the Isle of Sepras.

The Tsochar attempt to invade the Rise of the Third Moon cult in an attack that spills out into the public streets; bringing horror and panic to the island as tentacle waving puppet-bodies and wolf-men war against each other before hundreds of onlookers. The Tsochari puppets who engage in the battle are all slain, the Tsochar invaders slip away into the streets and people tell stories of snakes coming out of bodies and crawling into cracks, drains, and disappearing down alleyways.
    Rosha Sahwedradi, a powerful psion in the Gray Cabal goes on a rampage, screaming for the voices to get out of his head. He slays half a dozen Fellows, accusing them of playing a cruel joke upon him, before he is slain by Aftos, a Master of the Guild. Apparently Aftos was masquerading as a Fellow and Rosha attacked him, prompting a decisively quick retaliation.

Black Dragon assassins come for Walks the Walls, courtesy of Glothmang and in retaliation for the attack on the Ktholdhsa Village that Walks and Ekivir attacked earlier in the season. At first, they send one of their number, disguised by illusion, into the Four Pillars to speak with Walks the Walls and offer mercy if he reveals where Ekivir can be found. If Walks does not help, they return the next night and attack.
    Disappearances continue on the Isle of Sepras as the Tsochar continue their efforts to conquer the island. Scattered conflicts between them and the werewolves continue. Rumor has it that the Rise of the Third Moon cult has been abducting people off the street to increase their numbers, brain-washing people into mindless cultists.

As Summer begins, a Gold Dragon clumsily flies over Hana and crashes into the Grinder. Inika has returned, badly wounded after losing a fight against one of the spawn of Glothmang, a grown black dragon called who has taken the name Vasrabius. Glothmang sent Vasrabius into the south Dahl swamps as his agent there. Vasrabius gathers Lizardfolk tribes and has been sending their most powerful warriors north to await the arrival of Glothmang, meanwhile he has been terrorizing villages along the edges of the swamps. Inika asks for help and shelter, as Vasrabius may try to hunt her down.
    Anshuman summons Kukalmak to chide him for being so reclusive and warns him that he is missing out on an opportunity to ride to the council of Proloriates if he continues this way. Attention has turned to the promising psion called Mavikos Shwaruupi, who has been researching a solution to the psionic noise that plagues the Vofoti district. He tells Kukalmak that he is not planning on being a Proloriate forever and if Kukalmak would show but a little initiative his chances would be quite good – Valrisha seems to have decided that he has intimidated Kukalmak from making any bid at Proloriacy.

The trade season is in full steam and Sabal arrives at the Four Pillars with tale of a merchant ship on the Isle of Sepras which was attacked by Tsochari agents and then crashed on the beaches of the Puryat Dubala neighborhood. He says that it isn’t safe to travel to the Isle of Sepras anymore, not that it ever really was. Crazy dragon cults, Tsochari worshiping cults, Tsochari infected cults, and angry werewolves are crawling all over the place.
    Mavikos Shwaruupi, a wizard of the Gray Cabal is found murdered in an alleyway in Kithrapas. Mavikos was known to be researching a powerful magic to help end the effect of the psionic noise plaguing the Vofoti District and was said to be close to a solution. Such a solution would have guaranteed a seat among the Proloriates for the successful psion Fellow.

Rumors of Tsochar attacks in Puryat Dubala begin to spread. Merchant prince militias are seen in full armor in the normally peaceful district. In Shinveta, the Saris Sepif in Shinveta enacts a strict protocol forbidding entrance onto the Sepif without strict testing for marks upon the back. The sense of foreboding in less protected districts like Nop Haztno or Sampatha is palpable. People talk of little else but the body thieves, whisper in fear of Cultists of Mok-Thuum the Nine Headed, and the appearance of Scaled people who stalk the street at night. It is not safe to be out at night they say, if the Shahirans don’t get you, the Scaled will.
    Word that a powerful Scaled sorcerer has taken power in the Jeweled City of Abnasia in the Westering Kingdoms.

Other Sepif begin to enact quarantine measures as well. The Merchant Prince Athunitri Derjida is revealed to be a Tsochari agent and a brief war is waged on his house by the other Merchant Princes, slaying the household, man and child.
    The merchant prince Atfet offers an alliance to consolidate his forces under Prince Rajaniish and soldiers of Rajaniish now freely patrol House Atfet’s grounds and drink his wine. Strange flickering lights like aurora borealis and eerie whistling noises have been heard coming from the palace grounds of Prince Rajaniish, a wind seems to blow there as though the air was being pulled into his palace. The omens presage the opening of a portal to the Tsochari homeworld.
    Attacks by Tsochar are heard of in every district except Vofoti, most of Kithrapas, and north Puryat Dubalah. Hysterical accounts of public attacks on peasants in the middle of the night by Tsochari begin to circulate. In Shinveta the Church of Arden receives a contingent of 200 Templars from the High Priest in the United Kingdom.
    A boat is spotted in the harbor in the early morning being attacked by Tsochari.
    Towards the end of the month, Proloriates Valrisha and Nur-al-Din nominate Isarion Aedenidar to replace the retiring Proloriate Anshuman. A vote is to take place on the 10th of Ilyun.

Kukalmak finishes constructing the third Monolith.
    A terrible Tsochari monster, thirty feet tall, wrecks havoc in a Shinveta marketplace. Witnesses say that worm-like things drop from it and burrowed into people’s skin, causing terrible convulsions and death. Word travels though that the bodies, which were to be dumped in the Grinder, reanimated, killed the body bearers, and fled north into the Shinveta district.
    Flickering lights from within the palatial grounds of Rajaniish have become a nightly occurrence and now they occasionally have appeared in the palace of Atfet and about the isle of Sepras. Rumor says that Rajaniish has been communing with devils and spirits, allowing them to possess his men, but no one seems to be willing to defy him or investigate the matter. Rajaniish has always been a dangerous merchant prince, people have long said that he’s a devil in disguise because of his strange birthmark: his hands face the wrong direction from the wrists. One group of blustering adventurers are said to have snuck into Rajaniish’s palace this month, but now they work for Rajaniish.