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Travels with Bolas

For this party of adventurers, Bolas was a good friend, a dependable warrior, and at one time - a ghost. Read on here of the many adventures of Bolas, Chance, Kolvidir, Marcus, Taren, and Theo. Played over the more than three years, this campaign amassed a wealth of material and even though it is no longer being played, it continues to have an effect on present campaigns.
    Within, you will find a collection of journals, character histories, campaign discussions, emails, and setting information spawned by this campaign.

Campaign Members

    Connor Yenbo (Dead)
    Sanjian Mokodo (Dead)

    Chance Paedragn (Retired)
    Kolvidir (Retired)
    Marcus Bendaine (Retired)
    Taren (Retired)
    Theodophilus Greenbow (Retired)

People and Personalities

This is a collection of non-player-character personalities which our adventurers have met and delt with in the past. Most of this information is limited to what the players know of each personality.

The Silver Platter

This is where it all began. Here Sanjian use to wash dishes for money, having been made broke paying for his ships passage from the Homeland. Find within a map and information about this small pub.

The Traveler's Rest

Home to the family of Chance Paedragn, this comfortable inn rested on the road between Tel-Akbar and Wereskalot. Find within a map and information about this famous roadside inn.

Adventures of Chance: Excerpt (IRC)

A recorded log of the adventures of Chance Paedragn. In this short adventure he meets "Sir Garid," Earina, and the mysterious healer called Abrahm. While most roleplaying with Chance use to occur at the table-top, this segment occured online over IRC.

Adventures of Chance: Part I - "The Meeting" (IRC)

In which Chance Paedragn has his first meeting with the strange Lord S.

Adventures of Chance: Part II - "Murder" (IRC)

Wherein our ties with strange Lord S. become all the more mysterious.

Adventures of Chance: Part III - "Riddles Upon Riddles" (IRC)

Wherein our hero seeks out and meets with several leaders of the community, and where he himself is sought out and met.

Adventures of Chance: Part IV - "To the Warves" (IRC)

Wherein more clues are explored, an old friend joins in on the action, and an abandoned shipwreck is explored.

Campaign Introduction

A collection of information passed out to the players of this campaign at its very beginning. It reveals information about the area they would be starting their adventure in, near the city of Tel-Akbar.

Crown of Souls: Part 1 - The Story Beginning

In their adventurers, our companions traveled to the city of Karthay where they became embroiled in the lies of Akriel Kartekast, daughter to Lord Kartekast of Shalost. Herein she plies her tongue to pursued the party to seek out a certain "Crown of Soldiers", with which she says can be used to impress her father to let her and her scorned lover wed. It is but the beginning of a long and twisty tale.

Crown of Souls: Part 2 - Investigating Dr. Domini

Our heros recovered the Crown of Soldiers from the lair of the evil witch Radaga and were thence pursueded to give it into Domini's hands. Upon returning to Karthay they met with Lord Kartekast, who revealed himself to them from a disguise. He lamented the loss of the Crown to his enemy, Domini, and spoke of the evil that would be done with it. Thence our heros return to the lands of Domini and began to see what they could learn of his true intentions. Herein is what followed.

Crown of Souls: Part 3 - Further Investigations

Taren, druid of the woodlands, details the investigation of Dr. Domini wherein she and her companions traveled to several small towns and then infiltrated the keep of Dr. Domini.

Crown of Souls: Part 4 - Missing Details

Herein are some details which were inadvertantly left out from the Lady Taren's account of the adventurers investigation into the business of Dr. Domini.

Crown of Souls: Part 5 - Loren's Notes

These were scientific notes acquired by the adventurers when they invaded the hidden laboratory of Domini's studious mage friend, Loren. These notes revealed a great deal of information about the Crown of Souls.

Crown of Souls: Part 6 - Radaga's Curse

This dire text, as written by Theodophilus, the party mage, details the travels of the party to the realm of Radaga and the confrontation which took place there.

Crown of Souls: Part 7 - Words of the Curse

The curse of Radaga, as pronounced by her foul and evil lips.

Crown of Souls: Part 8 - Further Details

Within are details which were missing from Theo's account of our encounter with the evil witch, Radaga. Told by Taren, these provide further information as to what happened when the party traveled into Radaga's lair.

Crown of Souls: Part 9 - Cursed Travels

Herein the adventurers travel through the past, suffering from Radaga's evil curse and seeking how to return to their present time. Recalling legends of a powerful demon, they seek to travel through the Valley of Death and to its lair where they hope to strike a bargin.

Crown of Souls: Part 10 - The Fall of Radaga

In the words of Taren, here then is an account of the final battle with the evil witch Radaga.

Daglan: Part 1 - The Key to the Lair

In the words of the Taren, druid of Baeast, here is an accounting of the party's brave venture into the lair of their nemesis, Daglan. Somewhere deep within his formidable fortress lay the key to where the Crown of Souls was held - a rod capable of transporting its owners across the multiverse.

Daglan: Part 2 - The Rod, the Crown, and the Anvil

The story of how our stalwart adventurers plotted to penetrate the protections set by Daglan which surrounded the Crown of Souls. Thence, with the Crown in their possession, it came time to unshape the evil Crown and strike a blow against their enemy.

Daglan: Part 3 - The First Assault

Penned by the hand of Taren, Lady of the Forest and Druid of Baeast, this then is the tale of the brave companions first assault against the evil necromancer called Daglan. His crown destroyed, they hope to end his ambitions for good and forever.

Daglan: Part 4 - Battle Plans

The first battle lost, our heros regrouped to plan an even grander and more powerful effort against the vile necromancer Daglan. Herein was the battle plan used, as devised by Chance Paedragn.

Daglan: Part 5 - The Final Battle

The mighty, momentous, and victorious battle waged by the adventurers against the undead necromancer Daglan fill the pages within, as told by Chance Paedragn.

Daglan: Part 6 - The Following Fame

Such wonderous tales and mighty battles against evil cannot go unnoticed. While bards composed verse and tale of the great deed, other people in places of power began to inquire about the successful group of adventurers. Herein is a sample of requests and honors given to the party after the fall of Daglan.

Divinations for the Red Pyramid

A series of spells were cast to determine the powers of a strange, small, glowing, red pyramid which was recovered by the party during one of its many adventures. Herein are the details revealed by those spells that examined the pyramids nature.

Druids of the Old Faith and the Time of the Quieting

How would druids of the old faith have experienced the death of the old gods? Were there cataclysmic natural disasters before and after the Quieting? Did the druids feel a sudden ripping away of his "faith" or powers? Would he suddenly become less powerful or would his powers suddenly be gone? Would a priest have felt the loss of their god? Would his prayers seem different or useless? Would his experience be different from that of priests who worshiped the gods? These questions and more are the topic of this document; its focus is how the disappearance of the gods from Sulerin affected Taren in her youth.

Journals of Chance Paedragn

A collection of journal entries written by Chance Paedragn. These entries detail the parties travels on Loche Isle, struggles against the evil necromancer Daglan, and his experiences in the Ki'kiri Jungles.

Journals of Theodophilus Greenbow

A collection of journal entries by Theodophilus Greenbow, the parties mage from our lengthy campaign entitled, Travels with Bolas. These journals cover almost two years of the parties adventures.

Online Travels with Bolas: Part I - "The Quiet Bard" (IRC)

Deep underground, far from the light of day, our heros bask in sunlight, walk in the forests, and do battle. This is the first of three sessions which were played online over one summer and they take place in the middle of a campaign.
    Among our party is Bolas, who we first encountered as a ghost. He had been slain deep beneath the earth by creatures known as the Zith and wandered in his undead state for nearly a thousand years before he met our party. Now brought back to life, Bolas and our adventurers have traveled into the underworld to recover the cache of magical weapons and goods which Bolas left behind in his death.

Online Travels with Bolas: Part II - "Tapping" (IRC)

Deeper into the earth our companions travel, towards the territory of the Zith and where Bolas' lost equipment lays from ancient days long passed when he was last here, and slain.
    This is the second of three sessions which were played online over one summer and they take place in the middle of a campaign.

Quest Experience - The Crown of Souls

A summary of challenges overcome while the brave adventurers traveled far across many lands, perilous dungeons, different planes, and through time itself to ultimately bring about the destruction of the evil witch called Radaga. This also details experience awarded over the course of this story arc.

Quest Experience - The Underhalls

A summary of challenges overcome while the brave adventurers traveled deep into the earth in search for the lost equipment of the warrior Bolas. This also details experience awarded over the course of this story arc.

Story of the Stone Giants

As told by Taren the Druid, this is her tale of the little men that appeared in her forest one day.

Tomb of Yearon

The "Tomb of Yearon" is an adventure for designed for four 8th to 10th level player characters. It is advisable that the party retains the services of a rogue, a less diverse party of characters may have trouble surpassing some of the puzzles within.
    The Tomb of Yearon was created as a starting point for a campaign in which the player characters recover the first part of a three part magic item. It could just as easily guard any number of special magic items.
    Players should be able to complete the Tomb in an evening. The module is short enough to use as a sidetrack adventure or as part of a larger storyline.