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Creatures of Sulerin

Ankuburus: An evil creature which seeks out wizards bodies to possess and feed upon.  CR 15
Avera: Avera are peaceful airborne creatures that dwell over the ocean and travel with the winds.  CR 3
Black Phylis: A diminutive plant and source of the dreaded Dream Winds, causing primitive creatures rage and others to hallucinate.  CR
Bone Walker: A mindless war machine of bone which grows as it steals body parts from those it slays.  CR 17
Bradel: A creature wrought from wood and evil that pierces its enemies with venemous pincers.  CR 3
Caraches: A creature of shadow that hunts solitary prey to satiate its vampiric hunger.  CR 7
Chaos Fiend: A dark and twisted being from the planes of chaos. It twists the landscape and corrupts magic.  CR 9
Chaos Wraith: A flickering phantom of shadow and texture that borrows its appearance from its surroundings.  CR 4
Dark Incarnate: An evil towering pyre of black-blue fire that crushes its foes with mighty magics and eats the souls with its whiplike tentacles.  CR 14
Demon, Argulia: Arctic predators that skate over the ice and entrap their prey in icy spittle.  CR 5
Demon, Atarnia: The corrupt remains of powerful spellcasters that consorted with and were overcome by evil.  CR 15
Demon, Nahak: Gorilla-like demons that breath flame and trample their enemies beneath their colossal bodies.  CR 16
Devil, Flesh Render: Tattered, gargoyle-like flyers often used in simple, but important, sentinal positions.  CR 22
Din: A large species of cats that has poisonous claws and is sometimes used as a mount.  CR 3
Dragon, Mirror: Beautiful dragons which don't hoard coins, but secrets and knowledge.  CR Varies
Dramorian Reaper: Fast moving predators that can devour a caravan in less time than it takes to call for help.  CR 4
Dwarf, Daernarthor: When other races think of dwarves, it is the Daernarthor they imagine: rugged, loyal, and hard-working.  CR
Eater of Color: A swirling black vortex which strips color from all that it touches.  CR 8
Elf, Drakher: Small, pale elves that dwell beneath the surface and lead harsh, spartan lives.  CR
Elf, Earinai: Extremely aggressively isolationist elves that dwell in the Forest Heartstrong.  CR 1
Elf, Galiadre: Regal and stoic elves that dwell in secluded mountainous forests.  CR
Elf, Lerether: Friendliest to non-elves, the Lerether are the most common and worldly of the elven races.  CR
Elf, Nadristi: Legendry peace loving elves said to have been natural wizards and scholars.  CR
Elf, Selere: Undersea elves that dwell in great cities of coral at the bottom of the ocean.  CR
Elf, Tenerthor: Called 'wild' by other elves, these nomadic elves adhere to ancient, nature-based traditions.  CR
Eloam: A reclusive race of true shapechangers with godlike powers.  CR 40
Emrion: A tall, thin, and pale race of scholers with powerful mental domination abilities.  CR 2
Flame Lord: Dwarf-like, flame-winged outsiders that serve the noble efreeti.  CR 7
Forest Massiff: A large, fierce looking, furred humanoid that eats bark and leaves.  CR 3
Golth-Qua'n: A deep sea, aquatic race, feared for their strength and revolting feeding methods.  CR 3
Grim Cloud: Boiling clouds of spiritual force created when a large group of people are destroyed by their own evil.  CR 20
Haruninki: Athletic humanoids that are organized into a lawful and martial society.  CR
Houshee: A bodiless spirit that derives nourishment from the exertions of other creatures.  CR 4
Husti: Lion headed humanoids used as guards and servants by the Haruninki.  CR 1
Incasos: General information on the Incasos, a group of fiends dedicated to the corruption of mortal souls.  CR Varies
Incasos, Bashlikar: Field commanders, sadistic slavers, and megalomaniacal warriors.  CR 15
Incasos, Blight: This disgusting pool of slimy, writhing red goo is the birthing ground of all Incasos.  CR 1
Incasos, Geltutoog: Towering generals of self-satisfying bloodlust and unbridled megalomaniacal passion.  CR 20
Incasos, Infaeludor: Fireball hurling scouts and spindly shock troops of the Incasos.  CR 5
Incasos, Julahdon: Cunning diplomats and spies that delight to corrupt mortals with their tangled plots.  CR 13
Incasos, Maeldrad: Plotting in shadow, these seek to manipulate all others to serve in their selfish plans.  CR 18
Incasos, Mandragorae: These Incasos are at the brink of diverging paths and have a bad case of split personalities.  CR 10
Incasos, Mealafist: Disfigured fiends of minor status that tend to the fetid Blight.  CR 2
Incasos, Taturak: Sharp clawed fiends and elite soldiers of the Incasos.  CR 7
Kadahar, Greater: Leaders of the corrupted kadahar earth elementals.  CR 11
Kadahar, Lesser: Malevolent elementals which seek to make the material plane like their own.  CR 5
Leshy: Mischevious fey that delight in leading forest travelers astray.  CR 2
Living Ice: Difficult to spot, this icy ooze can quickly suffocate and freeze its prey.  CR 6
Lupinal: Wolf-like, nomadic beings who believe their origins to be from the heavens.  CR
Moredhel: Their souls sold to the Dark God for immortality, beware of these forgettable footmen.  CR 3
Moredwraith: Spectres of ancient evil sorcerers filled with dread evil and dark magic.  CR 11
Mwellwret: Cautious and treacherous humanoid shapeshifters that abuse their ability for social gain.  CR
Oruli: A monkey-like race of tailed and tree-climbing humanoids with curious humor.  CR
Prock: Mouths of stone that wait to entrap prey from the darkness that surrounds them.  CR 3
Sakarabru: Armless giants of death that hunt by night, swallowing prey whole.  CR 16
Sand Gorgon: A headless, rampaging demon that rams and pummels any creature it encounters into dust.  CR 10
Sand Spider, Hunting: Burrowing spiders that sense ground moment and hunt in packs.  CR 4
Shadowman: Deadly, thousand-faced assassins filled with the power of the Dark God.  CR 12
Shub-Naddar, Caustic Terror: Horrifying scouts who delight in evil and are masterful shapechangers.  CR 15
Shub-Naddar, Cetephipid: Cunning henchmen of the Overlords who scheme against all vertibrate life.  CR 12
Shub-Naddar, Ooze: Least of Shub-Naddar; this disgusting chameleon covers the ground like a thick blanket of jelly.  CR 7
Shub-Naddar, Overlord: Rulers of the Shub-Naddar race who dwell at the center of each colony.  CR 25
Silothreni: Underground dwelling and magic wielding relatives of the Haruninki.  CR
Skhull: Huge skull shaped trackers and marauders from the UnHoly Wars.  CR 15
Skull Bearer: Named for its black exoskeleton's head shaped like a skull, these are deadly winged warriors.  CR 14
Spirit Hunter: Aggressive hunters of bodiless spirits and astral travelers.  CR 6
S'rat: Poisonous tree-climbing chameleons that hunt in packs.  CR 2
Stonemite Swarm: Swarms of spidery elementals which can repair or destroy inorganic materials.  CR 10
Storm Wraith: Slain by weather, these maddened spirits feed a perpetual storm and hunt the living.  CR 10
Tsadutan: A race of invertibrate warriors and mercenaries that can fly.  CR 3
Waynhim: These psychopathic spirits desire nothing more than to feel alive once more.  CR 6
Wombering: Mile long worm-shaped creatures that forever grind mountains to dust.  CR 50
Worm, Tsalana: Vast tentacled worms that burrow through the sands of the Sinnd.  CR 20
Zith: Underground predators for whom magical auras are anathema.  CR 12