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Updates (2005)

November 10th, 2005
New world timeline entries: 159, 443, 451, 457, 512, 601, 685, 972, 2522, and 2524.

October 27th, 2005
There are now printer-friendly pages in the Spells section of the site. The little printer icon () has been moved to the right hand side. Just click it for a printable version of the page, when available.

October 25th, 2005
Creatures from Heroes of Horror and Dragon #337 added to the Monstrous Index.

October 24th, 2005
World Timeline entries of: 10350.
    Dust of Maximization, Amulet of Passage, Scry Disruptor, Portable Portal, Demon Helm of Marmon the Hungerer, and the Whetstone of Keen Edges to the Magic Items section.

October 23rd, 2005
Added the Clay Tablets of Aneapta, Ring of Self-Suggestion, Coins of Tas and the Tome of Weathered Worlds to the Magic Items section.

October 18th, 2005
Added "printable pages" to the Religion section of the website. I'm just testing out this option in that section for now. Please leave me a note in the forums and let me know how it looks to you. If you don't already have a forums account it's very, very easy to create one.

October 14th, 2005
More additions to the World Timeline: 35, 52, 235, 239, 385, 585, 5472, 897, 12756, 12787, and 12862.

October 3rd, 2005
New additions to the World Timeline: 12885, 12887, 12889, 12891, and 12892.
    Added monsters from Magic of Incarnum and a few other smaller sources to the Monstrous Index.

September 1st, 2005
Added portfolio blocks for the deities Daer-Koch and Chishleen.

August 31st, 2005
Minor updates to the requirements for entrance into the Initiate of the Black Paladinhood prestige class. Some cleaning up of typos, nothing major.

August 26th, 2005
Added the Initiate of the Black Paladinhood prestige class to the Prestige Classes section of the site. These are worshipers of Zhakrin.

August 24th, 2005
Creatures from Monster Geographica Underground were added to the Monstrous Index, bringing our index to just over eight thousand cataloged creatures.

August 15th, 2005
Added an essay on Allegiances and Character Alignments to the House Rules section of the site.

August 10th, 2005
Creatures from Stormwrack have been added to the Monstrous Index.

August 9th, 2005
Two more campaign excerpts: Traveling to Dunnal Krannok and a pair of minor pieces that touch on other travels from the Ashes of Arend campaign.

August 8th, 2005
Added three excerpts from the Ashes of Arend campaign: Amineri Lightning Bolts Al-Rathis and Captive, Twin Shores, and Exploring the Black Anvil Complex.

August 5th, 2005
Added the House Rules section to the Rule Additions area. As part of that section there are three new articles: Buying and Selling Magic Items, Critical Misses, and Construction Materials.

July 22nd, 2005
Added Guardians of the Shrine and the Halls of Azrandar, a tale of events that took place during a portion of the our Ashes of Arend campaign.

July 21st, 2005
Added the character history of Amineri Brookhollow and a bunch of her journal entries from early in our Ashes of Arend campaign. Also added a summary of one of our gaming sessions that took place during the later levels of that same campaign.

July 19th, 2005
Several items of interest from our old Ashes of Arend campaign have been added: details of the Spiritual Gift of Annos; research notes on the Thorn of Atrot; State of the Kingdom of Arend in 12889AC; an oracular answer for Ayoi which tells of the time before the Age of Chaos (AC0); the teachings of Borsaeg as regards ley lines, the green ways, and backroads through the faerie realms; and the tale of the End of Brangorm the Brown and the passing of his spiritual gifts on to Sasha and his successor.

July 17th, 2005
The Temple of Bone, a story piece from our Ashes of Arend campaign, has been added to the Atlas section of the site. This adventuring site was visited by that campaign when they were roughly 17th to 18th level.

June 30th, 2005
Creatures from Warcraft Manual of Monsters were added to the Monstrous Index.

June 13, 2005
Added a new Atlas entry for the City of Hana.
    The References page for the Monstrous Master Index has been updated to include search links for each reference product.

June 3rd, 2005
Updated spell lists in the Spells section for deity specific clerics. Added a new ninth-level spell called Corpora Chimera. Also updated the Monstrous Index with a bunch of lesser, older sources which added about 40 new listings to the index.

May 25th, 2005
Added some intoductory text and a "divine stat block" for Brakah to its page in the Religion section of the site. More basic Brakah information is on the way.

May 22nd, 2005
Information on Urharulan, the homeland of the haruninki, including a map of that nation, has been added to the atlas. It covers government, religion, population, climate, major cities, and political relations of that country.

April 22nd, 2005
An overview of major cities of the Eastern Empire was added to that part of the atlas.

April 21st, 2005
Added and expanded text for the Eastern Empire, including information on its government, climate, religions, history, and so forth.

April 19th, 2005
Added the Flesh Render to the Creatures section. You can read my playtesting comments about them in the forums.

April 18th 2005
I've revamped the maps and coordinate system of the Atlas area. Focuses on individual nations have been changed so that each one gets its own page. This will let us go into more detail for each one. Maps of each nation will be included too, such as the one we have for the Eastern Empire, which will further focus to more detailed maps. There's still some work to be done, but the current changes and higher resolution and color corrected maps were worth mentioning. Some parts of the atlas map has also changed with details from my hard copy that were missed the last time around being added, Such as paths between cities in Greentree and cities for the Ancient States of Dazazin. More to come in this section of the website over the next couple of weeks as I detail several important nations and locations.

April 12th, 2005
An open call for Atlas submissions has been posted in the Forums.

April 11th, 2005
Creatures from the Lords of Madness have been added to the Monstrous Index.

April 9th, 2005
Added information on organizational hierarchy and laws of the Arm of Justice branch of Lathidus worshipers.

April 5th, 2005
Added monsters from Sandstorm to the Monstrous Index.

April 4th, 2005
We have launched our new forums! A lot of hard work has been done and there is just as much yet to do. Now we need our visitors to join in, create accounts, and use the forums so that we can find the bugs and change things where necessary to make them as good as possible. I suggest reading the To Do List topic and then after playing around a bit before posting to the Feature Requests or Error Reports. Of course, we are very eager for people to start their own topics and get things going too. So, please sign up and give us a hand. -R

March 20th, 2005
Fixed the Encounter Maker (encounter table generator). Sorry for the problems.

March 16th, 2005
Monsters from Lost Empires of Faerun and Arcana Evolved were added to our Monstrous Index.

March 11th, 2005
Made some changes to how the site accepts information from its forms. If you encounter any weird problems please let me know.

March 8th, 2005
Just wanted to let our visitors know what we've been doing lately. Two large updates have been in development for the site. One is the development of a full fledged forums engine, which is about 80% done at this point. Little things are still being tweaked and I'm hoping to launch these new forums later this month. Second is a revamping of the Atlas. This includes maps which cover broader areas, maps which cover new areas that were previously not available to our online visitors, and a better organization to help you find the hidden details that really make the atlas shine. How many people here know where to find the map to the Temple of Idara? Does anyone even know that there's a partial map of the town of Twin Shores available? Do you even know where Twin Shores is? Visibility of details like this are an article which we hope will make your Atlas browsing easier and more informative. This too we hope to have completed by the end of March. Thanks for your patience. -R

February 10th, 2005
A small addition detailing the region of Dyarinyae Yultherie, homeland to the reclusive Earinai elves, was added to the Atlas.

January 20th, 2005
A historical look at the town of Ravensclaw has been added to the Atlas.

January 15th, 2005
Added creatures from Giant Lore and Monster's Handbook to the Monstrous Master Index.

January 14th, 2005
Creatures from Fantasy Flight Games' Elemental Lore have been added to the Monstrous Master Index.

January 13th, 2005
Added creatures from Advanced Bestiary to the Monstrous Master Index, bringing our total to 7450. This is a great book full of creative templates and interesting example creatures. There's more to come as I add from several Legends & Lairs books.

January 12th, 2005
The awaited conclusion, The Unholy Wars: A Visit to the Past (part two), to the back in the past story-arc is now here. Thanks to my players for making it all happen.

January 11th, 2005
Added the epic feat Valorous Charge. Added an epic weapon called the Blessed Sword of Anar-Ralk to the Magic Items section.

January 8th, 2005
Added Eithildir, Borsaeg, Phedapas, and Miriel to the Personalities section. These four powerful druids were Elemental Stewards during the time of the Unholy Wars.

January 4th, 2005
Added a couple epic-level magic items, changed a couple old and out-of-date items, and did a little reorganizing to the Magic Items section.