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Updates (2002)

December 28th, 2002
Minor alterations to the spell list for priests of Arden. I have tentatively placed online the spell list for priests of Zhakrin. The Zhakrin list is sure to undergo several revisions in the next couple weeks, just so you know.
    Some minor modifications were made to the Spells area regarding navigation options which were expanded to allow for the new cleric spell lists that are coming online.
    Added spells from the Quintessential series (Mongoose Publishers) to our database for future inclusion into the cleric spell lists. My philosophy is this: you may not own these resources, but if you do you'd probably like to know our suggestions for which spells clerics of various faiths can use from them.
    Liberate Life Force has been moved to 5th level and now destroys undead equal to the caster's level.

December 27th, 2002
Lots of small changes today. The spell Solace is no longer Mind Affecting and notes concerning its dismissal have been added to the spell description. Awaken, Produce Flame, Regenerate Light Wounds, and Vision of Glory were removed; Fog Cloud and Air Walk have been added to the Spell List for Priests of Arden and Restoration has been moved to 4th level, Solid Fog has been moved from 3rd to 4th level, Shield of Faith has been moved from 2nd to 1st level, Rosemantle was lowered from 2nd to 1st level, and Dispel Evil has been moved to from 4th to 5th level. The description for Owl's Insight and Detect Thoughts were corrected.
    Spells from Relics and Rituals were added to the Spell List for Priests of Arden: Brothers in Arms (5), Convert (9), Dead Man's Eyes (2), Divine Raiment (3), Dowsing (0), Enumerate (0), Greater Healing Circle (7), Holy Channel (4), Incite (9), Ironheart (4), Locate Corpse (2), Madriel's Empathic Resonance (1), Mind over Matter (4), Mind Raid (3), Minor Symbol of Divinity (1), Quick Sober (0), Recall Champion (8), Sacred Weapon (3), Salamar's Quiet Contemplation (2), Smite (1), and Terole's Translator (4).
    Spells from Relics and Rituals II: Lost Lore were added to the Spell List for Priests of Arden: Bread of Life (2), Burst of Energy (2), Detect Shapechangers(1), Divine Protection (7), Downdraft (2), Enhanced Senses (4), Force of Will (2), Keshmeeri Refuge (4), Omniscience (5), and Unwavering Ally (4).

December 26th, 2002
Added creatures from Fast Forward Entertainment's Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils, Volume One to the Monstrous Master Index, bringing our index to a neat 2600 monsters. Spells from the Magic of Faerun and a couple other sources were added to our priest spell list compilations. I'm tired of entering monsters, so I think I'll be working on some of the religions next. Until then, cheers!

December 5th, 2002
Fixed the forms in the Monstrous Master Index so that if you enter a search term in and hit [enter] (rather than pressing submit) that you will be returned search results rather than sent to the briefs page. This has been an annoyance for me for a long time, I'm glad to have it working now.

December 1st, 2002
Polished up the Bashlikar Incasos and added them into the Creatures of Sulerin section. Corrected some typos found in the entry for Julahdon Incasos.

November 18th, 2002
I've recently come into ownership of the Tome of Horrors, published by Necromancer Games under the Sword and Sorcery label. Containing well over 400 creatures (more than 100 of which are new), it is going to take a bit of time to add into the Monstrous Master Index, but I thought you'd like to know it is on the way.
    After playtesting it was decided that the Incasos, Infaeludor were slightly too powerful for their CR rating. Rather than increase their CR, their powers have been slightly diminished. The summoning powers of the Incasos, Mealafist was also reduced.
    I've added a spell, Exorcism, for getting rid of nasty minor compulsions and fiendish possession. Having not seen a version of this spell since first edition I thought it was time to bring it into 3rd edition with my own touch.
    Also added a creature entry for the Incasos, Julahdon, which, by happy circumstance, is able to possess creatures. Enjoy.

November 11th, 2002
Added Sasha's character history to the player characters section of the campaign area.

November 2nd, 2002
Added creatures from Privateer Press's Monsternomicon to the Monstrous Master Index. This is a fantastic monster resource, packing tons of useful information about each creature including: Common and rare lore to give player's, adventure hooks for each creature, and a shadow size comparison (like the old Chaosium monster books) so you can see how big the creature really is in relation to a human. We're done playing catchup on creature book releases for the time being and will be working on other stuff for the next update.

October 26th, 2002
Added creatures from Fast Forward Entertainment's Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils II to the Monstrous Master Index, bringing our total of indexed monsters to 2306. This great book has a vast selection of classical fiends from Earth's history with lots of background information, legend, and mythic information for each entry. Buy it if you are interested in that kind of stuff, you won't be disappointed.

October 11th, 2002
What's this? Released today and already in our Monstrous Master Index are creatures from the Book of Vile Darkness. I've also added a few creatures from the Call of Cthulhu d20 module, Nocturnum, and from Dragon #300.
    I've also made some adjustments to which domains are granted to various gods; things were only added. Prestige domains are now denoted as such (with an asterisk) and the spell list for Arden has been updated with spells taken from Magic of Faerun. I've added a ton of domains from a variety of sources, including the Book of Vile Darkness to our Domains page. This brings our number of recorded d20 domains to seventy. These have been assigned to various Sulerin gods when appropriate.

October 9th, 2002
I've added about 284 creatures from the new 3rd Edition Monster Manual II, Fortunes and Winds, and Necropolis sources to our Monstrous Master Index, so now you can generate encounter tables and include these creatures in your searches for the perfect challenge. I've also made some modifications to how the engine handles template creatures so that their CR is reported as the CR modifier rather than as varies. Also corrected a little error where people who had narrowed their random encounter table to just the Creature Collection were also getting Creature Collection II creatures in their search results. That shouldn't happen anymore. We'll be adding creatures from the Monsternomicon (Privateer Press) and Encyclopedia of Demons and Devils II (Fast Forward Entertainment) in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy.

October 4th, 2002
Our Call of Cthulhu horror campaign began a couple weeks ago. Off and on I've been putting together a little website for it. If you happen to be curious of what is going on there, feel free to check it out (offsite link).
    In other news, I've back-referenced all of the domains so that you can see which ones each god has inside of its dissertation in the Religions area. I've also added a number of NPCs from the Ashes of Arend campaign since we recently completed a story arc. These personalities included: Andress Nhailsan, Gwenned Gwenae, Mikti, son of Maleti, Shaunnra Nhailsan, Ruth the Horse, Marthos of Twilight, Hlann, Lorynk, Skriku, Renadra Wrenbow, Brenor Wrenbow, Harular, Levetron, Kalier Gol, Corlag, and Odals Alzota.
    Still need more? Well, we also happened to bring our old guide to Religious Titles and Positions from the old Sulerin website to our new one. Newly reformatted and spell-checked. What more could you want? Well, we'll be expanding it later. Until then, perhaps a refresher would be useful.

September 27th, 2002
Finished putting together our administrative tools for managing spell lists and domains. To show off this landmark, we've added domains from the Defenders of the Faith and the Player's Handbook (open content licensed stuff only) to our spells area and referenced them to the appropriate religions. Our priest spell lists are also completely revamped. I've only posted one so far though (using the above mentioned sources) - a spell list for priests of Arden. We'll be back-referencing the domains in the religions area soon.
    The spell Wall of Lightning has been clairified.

September 17th, 2002
Added the spells Wall of Silence and Cloak of Pestilence to the Spells area.

September 14th, 2002
Added some new NPCs from the Ashes of Arend campaign, including: Enmarin, Canon Calinwine, Ingranite Beldur, Gregor Beldur, Miriam Rendell, Oshkoch Donrot, Telvian Rendell, Trevax, and Setartha.
    Also, we have a couple new spells added to our Spells area: Grasp of the Earth and Dim Cloud.

September 10th, 2002
Things have been running a bit slow around here for the last week. I am told that there is a router at my host which is malfunctioning. Hopefully this will pass soon. In the meantime, patience. Thanks.

September 2, 2002
Alterations were made to the spell Form Lock. It's level and effect were altered.

September 1, 2002
Well, September is already here. Personally, I wish summer was a couple months longer. Ah well. Today I've added the Incasos, Mandragorae to the online Compendium. Some minor text adjustments were made to the Incasos, Taturak as well, but I doubt its anything you will notice. Since the Mandragorae is somewhat different from its previous incarnation, I'll be play testing it a bit in the coming week, the CR should be about right, but testing will tell. Email me if you do any testing of your own, I welcome the input.

August 31, 2002
Our search engine is now online. The first thing I used it for was to find all cases where I had misspelled continent. Now, if I could only get it to find my misspellings without knowing what they are! There was some down time while the search engine was put into place since it required some adjustments throughout the site.

August 28, 2002
Added Incasos, Taturak to the online compendium in our Creatures area. Other incasos aura text was altered slightly with respect to resisting their effects. Also, I noticed that my skill point calculator which I use for creatures was incorrect when generating Outsider skill points. I've since corrected the problem and adjusted many of the Outsider skill stats. Resetting this quantity of creatures caused a 10 second inavailability of the Creature area. Let me know if you spot any creature skills that appear to be to large or small. While Wizards of the Coast designers take some liberties with a creatures skill points, I try to give them no more nor less than they deserve. I should note, some high hit-die outsiders simply have more skill points than can I feel can be meaningfully applied. Outsiders skill points are calculated as [8 + intelligence modifier] x hit dice, so a 15 hit-dice outsider with a 12 intelligence is going to have ([8 + 1] x 15) 135 skill points to distribute amoung its skills. Enjoy.

August 26, 2002
Added Incasos, Infaeludor to the online compendium in our Creatures area.
    Also added a couple new spells to the Spells area, including: Form Lock and Wall of Flesh.

August 22, 2002
Added Incasos, Mealafist to the online compendium in our Creatures area.

August 19, 2002
Added Incasos, Blight to the online compendium in our Creatures area.

August 6, 2002
Added about 250 new entries to our Montrous Master Index, including creatures from the first and second annual monstrous compendiums (TSR, 2nd ed critters) and from the Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game; new issues of Dragon, Dungeon, and Polyhedron. Some reindexing and cross-referencing was updated as well for older entries. I hope you find it useful.
    Also, today I added the first installment of our Incasos fiend series of creatures with a post to the creatures area of a Incasos, General entry into our online compendium.

July 30, 2002
Rats! I thought I had cleaned all the bugs out of our lore area - only to find out that there were still more lurking hither and yon. Let's hope I've got them all this time. In the news - we're continuing to wade through 2nd edition resources, and new third edition sources as they appear, and adding creatures to our Master Index. We'd love to hear back from you readers and get a little input about the Index. If you have found it useful or run into problems then please email me and let me know.
    We've started making our way through the Incasos group of fiends, a project which had been on hiatus pending the publishing of the Epic Level Handbook. Now that we've received our copy of it we'll be publishing the upper echelons of the Incasos, as well as their lessers. Look for a couple to appear this week.

July 21, 2002
Sorry about the Atlas and the Lore pages going offline. Had I realized that there was a problem I would have fixed it much sooner. In any case, they are back and live.
    Today I made some updates to the Creatures area. I've added creatures from the Epic Level Handbook to the Master Index (a total of 65 creatures from this source.) and also converted a number of creatures over from the old World of Sulerin website, including the following: Grim Cloud, Haruninki, Husti. Included in the Haruninki compendium entry is all of their old cultural information, now consolidated into one place.
    I've also brought the old world timeline from the old site to the new. A number of new events have been added to it.

July 8th, 2002
I've opened up the Monstrous Master Index. Presently our index contains all monsters published for the third edition of D&D fantasy roleplaying. I intend to continue adding creatures to the index until all my remaining sources are complete, at which time I estimate that there will be nearly 7000 creatures in our index from various publications.
    You might also be interested in our Encounter Maker. This is a program which will generate random encounter tables for you as per your specifications.
    Please give both our Monstrous Master Index and the Encounter Maker features of our website a try. If you experience any problems, please send me an email so that we can fix it. I think that you will find both tools to be of invaluable use.

June 18th, 2002
Added about 20 different NPC's to the Personalities area for the Ashes of Arend campaign. My apologies to those of you that attempted to use the Forums and were not able to post. There was a problem at my host causing this and it has now been fixed.

June 7th, 2002
Converted the Houshee (Ethereal Horror), Forest Massiff, Golth-Qua'n, and the Flame Lord to 3rd edition rules and posted them.
    In other news, I'm almost ready to launch the new Monstrous Master Index. I've heard from numerous people asking when it will be live... the answer is: soon. I've nearly finished adding in everything from 3rd edition, after which I'll make it live. Previous editions and other sources of critters will be added over the weeks following its going live. The new system is searchable, contains useful information for placing the creature in the correct setting, and includes a powerful random encounter generator. Thanks for your patience.

May 30th, 2002
Completed the text for the Temple of Chishleen in Mendenton. Descriptions of the temples rooms and NPC statistics for its caretakers are now available. There were also some small changes made to the original map for this building.

May 26th, 2002
Added text to the Continent of Irendi page of the Atlas detailing the languages of that continent. Maps of where each language can be found and additional ancient languages are also detailed. I hope you find this helpful for your campaigns and character creation.

May 21st, 2002
Moved the Drakher Elves from the old site to the new one. Included with their creature compendium entry is all the cultural information for them that use to be in the Codex of Culture area on the old site. We hope you like having this information consolidated to one place.
    I also added the Harvester prestige class to the Rules section of the site. Harvesters ensure gather spirit energy, used to power their special abilities.
    After a long wait, I've finally finished the Galiadre Elf entry for our Creature Compendium. Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments about this latest addition to the elven races. Now that those pesky elves are done I can move on to the dwarves!
    Since I was working on elves already today, I also brought the Earinai, Lerether, Nadristi, Selere, and the Tenerthor, elves over from the old website. Some of these elves had not previously been converted to 3rd edition. All are presented in 3rd edition now. As with the Drakher, Selere caste system information from the old sites Codex of Culture is now included in their creature entry.
    Lastly, at the request of my players, I've added the Quick Sheathe feat to the Rules area.

May 18th, 2002
I've been busy at work converting the Monstrous Master Index over to a new searchable format, which includes much more information than before and can also be used to create random encounter tables given certain guidelines. I'll have finished it in a couple more weeks. In the meantime, I've also brought several more creatures over from the old site, including: Chaos Fiend, Chaos Wraith, Argulia Demon, Din, Atarnia Demon, Nahak Demon, Sand Gorgon, Mirror Dragon, Dramorian Reaper, Eater of Color and the Eloam. A few small changes to the forum were made - probably nothing you'll notice.

April 19th, 2002
Opened up the Rules area today. I've moved the various player character races over from the old site and added the Deep Watcher prestige class. Also added the feats Armor Adaption and Forced Movement.

April 18th, 2002
Added a partially incomplete map of some haunted dwarven ruins which the Company of the Cleansing Flame campaign is exploring. Along with the map is a fairly extensive description of what we have discovered so far. Apologies in advance for the exceedingly small type that labels the rooms. I'll do something about that when the complete map is uploaded.

April 14th, 2002
Added a text description to the map of the multiverse. Included in the text is information for interpreting the map and also a complete discursion on the Realm of Shadow. Also fixed a small but ugly CSS error in the Atlas area.

April 12th, 2002
Added a map of the multiverse to the Atlas area. Enjoy!

April 3rd, 2002
Transferred the Bone Walker creature from the old site to the new, with revisions. Also revised the Bradel and the Caraches.
    Also added the Links page. Feel free to send me any suggestions you might have of sites we should link to.

March 28th, 2002
Added 4 new magic items, including the Potion of Virility, Stunning Stones, Warding Stones, Periapt against Sonic Attacks.
    Also added half a dozen NPCs to the Danger in Hana campaign.

March 26th, 2002
Added 25 new magic items, including the Stoning Parchament, Rock of Encumbering, Holy Amulat of Shistar, Hijinx of Poison, Earthen Canopic Jar, Darksight Torch, Cloak of Water and Shadow, Chains of Caging, Flaming Falchion Medallion, Malibone's Bow, Tome of Faces, Helm of Vaporous Resistance, Lizard's Scale, Statuette of Sanctuary, Shrunken Orc's Head of Augury, Mantle of Bravery, Book of Vile Services, Skull of Study, Axe of Fatar, Book of Enduring Summonings, Amulet of Arachnids, Potion of Aptitude, Amulet of Divinity, the staff called Blackwinder, and a Ring of Spirit Binding to the Magic Items area.
    Also added seven new NPCs to the Personalities area. Including: High Steward Andal Ramallion, Curate Favion, Roamwarden Lorion, Eretamo, Tentenoqua, Cunastari, and Aernorn.

March 20th, 2002
Added the last 10 magic items from the old site to this one's Magic Items area. Nearly all artifacts. Enjoy. -R

March 19th, 2002
Converted another 28 magic items from 2nd edition to 3rd edition and added them to the Magic Items area of the site. Mostly Wondrous and Artifact type items. I'll be adding several new ones tomorrow.

March 18th, 2002
Updated Kulu, Nonamoka, Daimos, and Demetrius player character stats. Added about 10 NPCs to the Personalities area of the site. Also converted sixteen magic items from 2nd edition to 3rd edition and added them to the Magic Items area of the site. Enjoy!

March 17th, 2002
My apologies, dear readers. February was a trying month of 14 hour work days and car hunting. Fortunately, it's all taken care of now. Back to out regular program. Over the last week I've been making some code improvements to the Forums which, before long, will result in some improved features. This morning I've posted 34 magic items, mostly taken from the old Sulerin website, converted to 3rd edition, and reposted here. This leaves about 30 magic items left to be transferred from the old site - a feat I hope to have finished in the next few days. Then what? Well, I think I'll add a few new items in which have appeared in the last couple years campaigns and then move onto Religions! Thank you for your enduring patience.

Feb 13th, 2002
Finished the display engine for the Magic Items area this evening. Go ahead and poke around there. I'm still looking for ideas for a background for this area so mail them in! Also edited and converted another six magic items over to 3rd edition from the old site.

Feb 12th, 2002
I began work today on converting the 100+ magic items on the old World of Sulerin site to 3rd edition. I've finished about 10% of them this evening. They aren't on display yet as I haven't finished the code that will display them. These should go by rather quickly and I'll have them all done (plus a dozen new ones) by the end of the week. Do you have a suggestion for what the background picture in the Magic Items area should look like? please let me know. Next area up for work are the Religion pages. I've looking forward to it.

Feb 10th, 2002
Opened up the Modules page in the Campaign area today. To compliment the opening of the page, I've rewritten and converted to 3rd edition my original module, the Tomb of Yearon. Check it out.

Feb 7th, 2002
All documents from the Travels with Bolas campaign have been moved from the our old home to our new. Spell checked and edited. Also moved over all the Mendenton campaign documents; some were added to the Lore area. Fixed a few picture links here and there in the Lore area and added some more information about Daglan, the evil necromancer from the Travels with Bolas campaign.
    More? Yeah - was pretty busy today. I also added about 60 NPCs from the Archaios campaign to our database, you can find them all together in the People and Personalities for that campaign.
    Also finished moving over the old Quest for Beer campaign information from the old site to the new. Hey, look, 2nd edition stats! Might be the only place you find them here on our new site.

Feb 6th, 2002
Edited and moved a large number of documents regarding the Travels with Bolas campaign from the old website to this one.

Feb 5th, 2002
Sorry about all the up and down nature our site has been experiencing. There were some large problems with our hosts SQL server. Hopefully it is all behind us now! But I've not been idle - all of our Lore from the old Sulerin website has been moved to its new home, newly formatted, revised, edited, and hopefully presented with more polish than before. Editing all those IRC campaign logs was a heck of a lot of work and I'm glad it's done.
    The Spells and Creatures area now remembers what creature or spell you are looking at in their navigation - so if you are going through them one by one you won't have to scroll so much anymore. Also fixed a small bug in our spells area that was bothering some of our readers. I added the Dark Incarnate from the old site while at it.
    Though I am sure that you, gentle reader, won't find it so interesting, I have uploaded filler pages for the areas which have not been transferred yet so that you won't have to see any nasty 404 errors. If you find a dead links, please let me know!

Jan 31st, 2002
Thanks to artist Charles Sablons of France, we now have two pictures of the creature called the Tsadutan. Not only that, but the Lore area has been opened up and we've included an interview about the Tsadutan too.

Jan 29th, 2002
Back to the Campaign area today. This time I worked on posting completely new information about my old Sinordin campaign. Take a look! There's several documents from that campaign published already - details on the Sinordin Campaign Setting, a Glossary of Terms, and information about the Near Channelers - the spirit communing priests of Sinordin.

Jan 28th, 2002
Added not one, but two brand new creatures to the the Creatures area. The Emrion are a tall, thin, and pale race of scholers with powerful mental domination abilities. The Tsadutan are a race of invertibrate warriors and mercenaries that can fly. Assign some Tsadutan warriors as the personal guard of an Emrion and you have a formiddable encounter group.

Jan 27th, 2002
Curious what's been worked on? Been very busy building the search engine infrastructure into the website and soon you'll be able to search the gosh dang thing. Also, finished up our admin tool for creating 3rd edition monsters following all the rules ...and... opened up the Creatures area of the website. Thanks to Martin Prokopiak for the idea for the Creature area's background. Though there are presently only three creatures there, and you may have seen all of them before, look for the brand new picture of the Avera by Don Jendon. A hearty welcome aboard to our newest artist.
    And I've been busy in other areas too. The Campaign area just gained a link to my newest campaign, Ashes of Arend. NPCs and characters for that campaign have already been added. Patience, this campaign has only gamed once thus far! We meet once a week.

Jan 18th, 2002
In the atlas, where available, you can now navigate backward through the history of an area, showing historical maps and information. I've updated two maps, thus creating historical ones, here and here.
    Added a Temple of Chishleen to the City of Mendenton in the Atlas area. Moved the Traveler's Rest into the Atlas. You can find it on the map near Tel-Akbar.
    Added a map legend for the Atlas area. Now you don't have to wonder what those symbols mean. You'll see it on the left menu as you navigate into the atlas.

Jan 15th, 2002
Opened the personalities area and added NPCs from the Travels with Bolas and Cleansing Flame campaigns to the Personalities area.

Jan 14th, 2002
Statistics for PCs are all done. I'm now going through and adding all of the old campaign material into the campaign area. Each item is reviewed, revised, improved, and posted. Many more maps of places and descriptions of things that happened in those campaigns. The "People and Personalities" link for campaigns now draws off of our vast NPC database.
    Also added the Sulerin Newsletter. There is a confirmation email sent with every subscription. Join in.

Jan 7, 2002
Finished the character engine for player characters. If you happen to have a player character in sulerin, contact me and I'll set up a password so you can edit your character. The campaign area is now connected to the character engine, so you readers out there can take a look through the PCs who have played in Sulerin for the various campaigns.

Jan 3, 2002
Finished up the Traveler's Rest with NPC stats and room descriptions.

Jan 2, 2002
Added the Forums area. Feel free to to leave me a note and use them.